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bstarek: on any release? yes bstarek: that should work, what ubuntu version? saucy do you have any ppas? no i have the original sources.list and "apt-cache policy vlc" just gives you the current installed version? Du jour, mes amis bstarek: i'm going to need the output of "apt-cache policy vlc" and "apt-cache policy libgl1-mesa-dri" hitsujiTMO, bstarek: ok, you have a repository that is no longer supported: hitsujiTMO, and how can i change this? bstarek: disable that ppa from your sources.list or remove it hitsujiTMO, how to disable it? hitsujiTMO, can i do that from sources.list? bstarek: use the software centre to remove the ppa ok thanks bstarek: that page i gave you has instructions on how to do it np Greetings, I'm using Ubiquity to create a USB install. I notice that I cannot use the web or mail services, but I can see them on my desktop system, why not the USB install? (P.S.: I got this already, but in any case)




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