A simple concept


Hey, it's Dave, founder of VaperTrails. First, thanks for stopping by and second, congrats on making the switch to vaping (or at least flirting with the idea).


I was exactly in your shoes once upon a time, thinking about it, then eventually making the switch. I was desperately trying to quit ever since my father was diagnosed with stage four lung, bone and brain cancer at the age of 48, from smoking cigarettes.



Every quit-smoking trick out there, you name it, I've tried it. From prescriptions and patches, down to hypnosis. Nothing ever worked. 



I remember trying to vape a few times, but it never seemed to stick. I was limited to what the stores offer, which at the beginning of vaping, was a lot of fruity flavors, which I really don't like.  In fact, I'm incredibly picky. 


I knew I wasn't going to be able to fully commit to the change if I didn't use a flavor I loved. For me, it was Candy Corn. It's the first and it's my baby. I use it daily.

 So, this is what I aim to bring to you. A vape juice that satisfies YOUR needs, by giving you the choice to make your own custom juice. To welcome all recipes, no matter what, so you can have the best experience. 

All the best,



If anyone is interested, I've been cigarette free since August 2015. I quit the day after I married my wife.