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We only want what's best for everyone, animals included.

We've personally tried and tested our products to ensure quality is always at the forefront, which is why we only chose high-quality suppliers.

Our base supplier maintains a strict adherence to USP standards of compliance, each of their products undergoes meticulous testing and a verification process that ensures the maximum levels of quality, purity, and uniformity.  Our guys have been creating some of the worlds most incredible tastes for the past 15 years.

All ingredients contained in our products are approved for use in food, a regulation of food and drug administration, under directive (EC) 1334/2008 or are listed on the Fema Gras list. Flavors are produced in an FDA certified U.S. facility, using only FDA certified ingredients and food grade packaging.

*Based upon the most current information available from the manufacturer

Our flavor supplier candor indicates inhalation of flavor chemical blends by use of electronic cigarettes is a popular and more chemically pure alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. However, please note that the use of flavors is a relatively new practice, and has not been safety-tested by any official organizations. Therefore, we are not able to guarantee that any flavor is safe for this use. There are no companies that can guarantee that any flavor is safe for long-term use. There has just not been enough time to do this kind of testing.

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